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What’s Invisalign like?

Here’s what our patient Carol thinks

My teeth started moving as I was getting older, and I wasn’t happy with the look of them. I talked to Dr Chau at Wickham Terrace Dental about Invisalign. 


Do toothpastes for sensitive teeth actually work?

Looking at the causes of tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is primarily caused by exposure of the inner substance of your teeth, the dentine. This can be as a result of loss of the protective enamel or recession of the gums, both of which cover the dentine.


Should I think about a sinus lift before my dental implant procedure?

Why the right treatment plan makes all the difference

If you’re missing one or more teeth, your dentist may have told you that having a dental implant isn’t possible. Yet that might be because they only have access to a standard 2 dimensional x-ray that doesn’t show the full picture of your mouth and jaw.


How Dental Monitoring can improve your Invisalign treatment

Let’s hear what an actual patient thinks of the new tech

Recently at Wickham Terrace Dental we’ve introduced some exciting tech called Dental Monitoring – basically a smartphone app that lets us monitor your Invisalign treatment from the comfort of your own home.


Is an electric or manual toothbrush better for cleaning my teeth?

Brush up on your at-home oral hygiene with our guide

You probably already know that for the best oral health, it’s important to floss your teeth every day, and to brush your teeth properly morning and night. Proper brushing technique helps to remove bacteria and prevent the build-up of plaque, which can cause gum disease and tooth decay.


Can Invisalign help with very crowded or crooked teeth?

Why the right training can make such a difference

If you’ve been told that Invisalign isn’t an option for you – perhaps because you have very crooked or crowded teeth – that might not actually be the last word.


Tony, our complimentary dentistry recipient, completes his treatment

Function and confidence restored with dental implants

In 2021 the Wickham Terrace Dental team asked our patients to help us find someone who would benefit from receiving up to $30,000 of complimentary dentistry from us. Tony and Brendon were our two very deserving recipients.


Replacing resin veneers with long-lasting porcelain dental crowns

Meet our patient Warren who’s had 23 crowns placed

Sometimes, a tooth restoration that has (up until now) been doing the job needs to be replaced with a more permanent option. That was the case for our patient Warren, who has recently had no fewer than 23 dental crowns placed by Dr Andrew Teakle.


Can I visit the dentist in Queensland if I’m unvaccinated?

Covid-safe dental practices for your safety

Some of our patients have asked us whether they can still receive dental treatment after the Queensland Government’s mandatory vaccination deadline of 17th December 2021.


Professionally cleaning your sensitive teeth

New technology makes your dentist visit more comfortable

If you have sensitive teeth, we understand that you might be tempted to put off your six monthly professional teeth cleaning with us. But with our passion for preventive dentistry and ensuring good oral health, we think putting off seeing the dentist is never a good idea!

So to make it easier and more comfortable for you to have your sensitive teeth professionally cleaned, we’ve invested in a new system called the EMS Airflow.