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Innovations in Invisalign

Posted on February 13,2018

How the latest technology makes your Brisbane Invisalign treatment even more effective  

When Invisalign was first introduced almost two decades ago, there were limits to the type of ‘malocclusion’ (or improper bite) that we could treat using the system. Back then, the removable aligners didn’t offer us quite as much control as conventional metal braces, in terms of moving your teeth into their desired positions.

Times have changed! Thanks to their ongoing research and innovation, Invisalign have closed the gap to traditional braces, in terms of the complexity of cases that we can now treat with the removable aligners.

In this news post, our principal dentist Dr Andrew Teakle runs you through some of the most interesting developments in Invisalign, and how they could give you a straighter, healthier, more attractive smile.

Invisalign G7

The latest innovation from Invisalign is the G7, a system that lets us fine-tune particular tooth movements to give our dentists greater control of your treatment.

G7 cleverly uses Invisalign’s SmartForce technology (find out more below) to allow our dentists to plan your treatment even more predictably than ever. 

Invisalign G7 determines the optimal path of tooth movement, then creates the precise shape of aligner needed at every stage of your Invisalign treatment. It’s especially useful for our teenage patients.

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Invisalign SmartForce

One of Invisalign’s most exciting developments is their ‘SmartForce’ technology. Essentially, this lets us apply just the right force to each individual tooth – at just the right time – to gradually shift your teeth into their ideal position. 

With SmartForce we place tiny, computer-designed attachments onto your teeth, that help the Invisalign aligners to deliver just the force that’s needed for each tooth. 

Thanks to this clever technology, the Invisalign system can achieve much more precise tooth movement; straightening your teeth more predictably and much more comfortably.

Invisalign ClinCheck software

Invisalign has also released their new “ClinCheck Pro 5.0” treatment software. Simply put, this software allows Dr Teakle to view different treatment plans side-by-side. It also provides a highly realistic 3D visual model that lets us get the full picture of your smile.

With the ClinCheck software we can customise your Invisalign treatment so that it’s just right for you. It lets us carry out your treatment plan more accurately, to move your teeth into their optimum position stage by stage.


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By combining all three of these Invisalign innovations, our Brisbane dental team can plan and carry out your orthodontic treatment much more effectively than in the past.

To find out how Invisalign could improve your smile, get in touch with our Brisbane dentists today on 3831 3031 or fill out the form here.

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