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Replacing resin veneers with long-lasting porcelain dental crowns

Meet our patient Warren who’s had 23 crowns placed

Sometimes, a tooth restoration that has (up until now) been doing the job needs to be replaced with a more permanent option. That was the case for our patient Warren, who has recently had no fewer than 23 dental crowns placed by Dr Andrew Teakle.


Can I visit the dentist in Queensland if I’m unvaccinated?

Covid-safe dental practices for your safety

Some of our patients have asked us whether they can still receive dental treatment after the Queensland Government’s mandatory vaccination deadline of 17th December 2021.


Professionally cleaning your sensitive teeth

New technology makes your dentist visit more comfortable

If you have sensitive teeth, we understand that you might be tempted to put off your six monthly professional teeth cleaning with us. But with our passion for preventive dentistry and ensuring good oral health, we think putting off seeing the dentist is never a good idea!

So to make it easier and more comfortable for you to have your sensitive teeth professionally cleaned, we’ve invested in a new system called the EMS Airflow.


Are crooked teeth really that bad?

Here’s why you should address your crooked teeth ASAP

It’s a question we’re asked quite often at Wickham Terrace Dental: are my crooked teeth bad, or can I live with them?


What is better, braces or Invisalign?

Exploring the options for straightening your teeth

If you’re an adult living with crooked teeth, chances are you’ve explored your options for teeth straightening. Yet for many of our patients, the thought of a “metal mouth” with heavy wires and braces is just too off-putting to contemplate.


Am I too old for braces?

How invisible aligners work to straighten adult teeth

It’s a question we’re asked a lot at Wickham Terrace Dental: am I too old for braces? It is typically asked by someone who wants to straighten their teeth, but doesn’t like the idea of braces – almost as if they want to be told they are too old!


An update on Tony, our first 2021 complimentary dentistry recipient

Great signs and a happy patient as Tony’s treatment plan begins

Last year we asked for your help in finding someone who would most benefit from receiving up to $30,000 of complimentary dentistry from us. In the end, we chose two very deserving recipients, the first of whom is Tony.


Helping to address long-term dental health problems

How a military veteran’s smile benefits from improved oral health

Sometimes, even when you’re aware of a major problem with your oral health, it can be difficult to know where to look for advice and assistance.

Take for example our patient Chris, a 38 year old veteran of the Australian Defence Force. After years of service in-country, like many veterans Chris was sadly suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which had had a severe effect on his teeth and oral health.

Chris came to us with teeth that had been severely damaged from bruxism, an understandable consequence of nightmares caused by his PTSD. Many years of searching for a helpful dentist had proved fruitless – until Chris gave Wickham Terrace Dental a call.


So you lost your tooth over a year ago – what happens now?

How you may still be able to benefit from dental implants

Dental implants are one of the best all-round options for replacing missing teeth. They restore not just the visible crown of a tooth, but the missing tooth root as well. Made from ultra-strong titanium, a dental implant resembles a tiny screw that is placed into your jaw bone to form an artificial tooth root.


What to do if you have a dental emergency

Here’s how our dentists fixed a broken tooth

No matter how carefully you brush and floss your teeth every day; no matter how regularly you come and visit our friendly team; the fact remains that – unfortunately – accidents can sometimes happen. Very rarely, your teeth, gums, and even your jaw can sadly be damaged or broken in everyday activities, without you doing anything wrong.

If this ever happens to you, our message is: please don’t panic! Our team of dentists and dental nurses will be keen to help you in whatever way we can.