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Brisbane CBD dentist's 3D cone beam x-ray machine offers efficiency

High quality digital imagery, produced in-house

When you decide to have implants placed by the Wickham Terrace Dental team, one very important step is sourcing the detailed x-rays our dentists need to plan your surgery safely and efficiently.


Meet our new dentist, Dr Chau Tang

Helping you and your kids enjoy better oral health

Wickham Terrace Dental’s newest dentist Dr Chau Tang is now well-established in our CBD practice, and impressing her patients both young and old.


What’s it like having Invisalign treatment?

Our Brisbane Practice Manager Bernadette shares her experience

Invisalign is going from strength to strength at our Brisbane dental practice, with more and more of our patients choosing the invisible aligners to help them achieve a straighter, more attractive smile. 


Innovations in Invisalign

How the latest technology makes your Brisbane Invisalign treatment even more effective  

When Invisalign was first introduced almost two decades ago, there were limits to the type of ‘malocclusion’ (or improper bite) that we could treat using the system. Back then, the removable aligners didn’t offer us quite as much control as conventional metal braces, in terms of moving your teeth into their desired positions.


What's it like having twilight dental sedation?

How our Brisbane dentists help you overcome dental nervousness

If you’re nervous about visiting the dentist (a condition known as dental anxiety), our friendly dental team can now offer you a solution. 


9 ways your crooked teeth are affecting your health

Think a straight smile is just about looks? Think again

It’s a common misconception that crooked teeth are simply a question of aesthetics.


What’s causing my toothache?

5 common reasons why you may have a painful tooth

Even in this age of advanced dentistry, with all our understanding of dental hygiene and good oral health practices, the humble toothache is still a common dental problem.


Is Root Canal Therapy safe?

Sorting the RCT myths from the facts

If you’ve experienced a prolonged and painful toothache, one possible treatment is Root Canal Therapy, also known as RCT or endodontic therapy.


What’s it like getting a dental implant?

Our dental assistant Jess shares her personal experience

One of the things people often ask us is, what’s it really like to get a dental implant? There’s a wealth of dental implant information available online, but how does it feel to actually receive a dental implant yourself?


DVA dentistry in the Brisbane CBD for ADF veterans

Bulk billed dental care for veteran health card holders

The Wickham Terrace Dental team are always delighted to welcome ADF veterans to our practice. All our Brisbane dentists are registered with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs to provide bulk billed and subsidised dental care.