Tony, our complimentary dentistry recipient, completes his treatment

Function and confidence restored with dental implants

In 2021 the Wickham Terrace Dental team asked our patients to help us find someone who would benefit from receiving up to $30,000 of complimentary dentistry from us. Tony and Brendon were our two very deserving recipients.

Now that Tony has completed his treatment, we thought we’d check in with him and his dentist Dr Nicholas Yee to talk about how his life has changed.


Tony says:

“Well my daughter Beccy nominated me for this. I knew absolutely nothing about it. When you don’t know about something that’s coming and it’s for the good, and it changes your life then it’s just fantastic. So, I’m in debt to her and of course Wickham Terrace Dental for marvellous work.

Before I got my teeth done I didn’t smile a lot because of the embarrassment of having bad teeth. Since then I am smiling everywhere and people are noticing, and as soon as I give a big smile, Oh, new teeth? And I say Yep! Fantastic!”

Dr Nick adds:

“It’s been a twelve month journey but we finally got there in the end. With Tony what we have effectively done was to remove his remaining top teeth. With his bottom teeth, they were in much better condition, so we ended up restoring those with a bit of white filling material building up the height and making sure that he could chew on those.

We then used a surgical planning guide to then masterplan his final implant result. So there are ultimately six implants on his top jaw, three on the bottom. The six on the top are holding up a removable implant retained denture, and the bottom ones are individual implant retained crowns.

So now Tony actually has all of his molar teeth, spanning from his first molars on his top jaw to the other side and the same on the bottom, and it’s effectively restored his function and confidence.”

Tony says:

“Before I came here, I was chewing basically on my right hand side. Now I’m using my whole mouth to chew. The left hand side and yeah, this chewing is just a revelation really.

Family and friends have obviously noticed the difference over the time of getting them done and they’re just amazed. They look so real and you know, like they should have been there in the first place.

Well my life has changed with the smile because it gives you more confidence. You’re not forever wondering, should I open my mouth this far or this far? And you just don’t worry about it because you know you’ve got really good teeth and you just don’t worry about it anymore. It’s just part of the process now, I just smile a lot!

So, a hug and words are not enough but for Nick, I’m starting to get a bit emotional about it. It’s been a hell of a change and I appreciate it. And, finally I would just really like to thank Andrew and Bernadette from Wickham Terrace Dental and Nick who was the major worker on me and his fantastic team who are upbeat all the time. The staff here are upbeat all the time and they made me welcome and if I have to come back to a dentist again, I’m coming here!”

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