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What’s it like having Invisalign treatment?

Posted on April 18,2018

Our Brisbane Practice Manager Bernadette shares her experience

Invisalign is going from strength to strength at our Brisbane dental practice, with more and more of our patients choosing the invisible aligners to help them achieve a straighter, more attractive smile. 

In fact, Invisalign is so popular that some of our very own Wickham Terrace Dental team have chosen to use it themselves! Recently when our Practice Manager Bernadette wanted to correct her crowded lower teeth, she chose Invisalign to give her the outcome she wanted. 

We sat down with Bernadette to talk about her Invisalign experience, and to find out what it was like living with the aligners in her everyday routine.

Why choose Invisalign over other orthodontic treatments?

When Bernadette noticed that her lower teeth were beginning to get more crowded, she started thinking about which orthodontic treatment would be right for her.

“Crowded teeth is a common problem, but I didn’t want it to continue for me,” Bernadette said. “I was at the point where it was difficult to even floss my lower teeth (which is very important by the way!)”

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Invisalign ticked a lot of boxes for Bernadette’s situation. “Because of my work, I needed something invisible,” Bernadette said. “And as a personal preference I also didn’t want to be restricted in my eating.”

“For those reasons, I didn’t even consider traditional metal braces,” she said. “Invisalign was perfect for me.”

What’s it like living with Invisalign?

Bernadette’s treatment plan incorporated 14 sets of aligners, swapped out every two weeks. That meant her total treatment time was 28 weeks, or just over six months. Overall, she found her Invisalign treatment was easy and straightforward.

“The aligners were really easy to keep clean,” she said. “You just brush your teeth after each meal and give your give your aligners a quick wash.”

Bernadette found that the aligners caused her to have a slight lisp for about the first week, as her mouth adjusted to the different feel. After these few days however, she found her speech adjusted back to normal. 


And were the aligners painful? “I wouldn’t describe the aligners as being painful, no. On the first couple of days my jaw was a little achy and the aligners felt tight,” Bernadette said. “It was all minor though – I didn’t need to take any painkillers.” 

The difference Invisalign treatment makes to your smile

With her treatment complete, Bernadette couldn’t be happier with the results.

“I’m so happy with my smile,” she said. “I am always getting compliments, which is really lovely. A good looking smile is also pretty important when you’re working in dentistry!”

There were even some unexpected bonuses from the treatment. Bernadette explains, “Not only did I get my lower teeth straight, but my upper arch was expanded as well, which I think really improves my smile.”

Now that her smile is in its ideal state, Bernadette plans to help it stay that way. In keeping with Wickham Terrace Dental’s “retained for life” approach, she wears her supplied retainer conscientiously each night to prevent her teeth from shifting back to their old alignment. 

“Wearing a retainer every night is actually a really easy habit to get into,” Bernadette said. “And another bonus with the retainers is that you can fill them with whitening gel, and have teeth that are white as well as straight!”

Find out whether Invisalign is right for you

The first step in discovering whether Invisalign could improve your smile is to book an initial consultation with our friendly Brisbane dental team.

For just $149, our expert dentists will conduct a comprehensive full mouth examination, so that we can get the full picture of your situation.

At the end of your one hour visit, we’ll understand whether you’re a candidate – and you’ll know whether Invisalign is right for you.

To find out how Invisalign could improve your smile, get in touch with our Brisbane dentists today on 3831 3031 or fill out the form here.

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